Big-picture brainstorming? Meticulous red pen edits? Turning casual interviews into eloquent profiles? Wrangling writers and designers to meet deadlines? Revising (and revising and revising)? 

I’ve done it all and have yet to get over the thrill of carrying content through the editorial process. Whether I’m collaborating with a client or developing a personal project, my goal is to communicate meaningful ideas with sincerity, creativity and credibility. 

I’ve worked on books, magazines, blogs, articles and branding with companies like ...

Some of My Writing:

Taste and See - Bright Wall/Dark Room
Of Donuts and Daughters - Edible Magazine
Not in the Mood - Winter 2015 - Darling Magazine
My Doing, My Being - Summer 2015 - Darling Magazine
My 90,000 Hours Spent with You - Spring 2015 - Darling Magazine
With Change in Her Eyes - Fall 2014 - Darling Magazine
Work and Play - Winter 2013 - Darling Magazine
With Benefits: What I've Learned from Working with My Spouse - Yellow Blog
What Creative Advocacy Looks Like in the Real World - Yellow Blog
Multiple Blogs - To Write Love on Her Arms
Sharon Van Etten - RELEVANT Magazine
Let the Hunger Games Begin - RELEVANT Magazine
15 Ways to Have the Best Spring Yet - RELEVANT Magazine
Zee Avi - RELEVANT Magazine
The Christmas Movies You Forgot - RELEVANT Magazine
Does God Really Talk to People? - RELEVANT Magazine
Help for the Politically Uninformed - RELEVANT Magazine
The Stranger Side of Mat Kearney - RELEVANT Magazine
Owl City - RELEVANT Magazine
The Kooks - RELEVANT Magazine
The Civil Wars - RELEVANT Magazine
The Bowerbirds - RELEVANT Magazine
Liberating North Korea - RELEVANT Magazine
Us & Our Daughters - RELEVANT Magazine
David Bazan - RELEVANT Magazine
These Numbers Have Faces - RELEVANT Magazine
Our Dirty Little Post Secret - RELEVANT Magazine
Greg Laswell - RELEVANT Magazine
Boxed in by Love Languages - RELEVANT Magazine 
Max Lucado, Poet and Pastor - Vital Magazine
Small Change: The Penny Story - Vital Magazine
Free Verse: Amena Brown - Vital Magazine
An Original Work: Audrey DeFord - Vital Magazine
Directing Change: Olivia Klaus - Vital Magazine
Experiencing the Bible Anew: Adam Lewis Greene - Vital Magazine